6 Tips To Know Before Going Wedding Dress Shopping

Has the time finally come to start looking for your wedding dress? If you’re like most brides, you’ve probably been dreaming about what your wedding dress will look like for a very long time. By now, you’ve seen hundreds of gorgeous wedding dresses in movies and on TV (not to mention in real life), and you may feel that you’re confident enough to go straight out and find the right dress at the very first shop — and that would be ideal, of course, but it isn’t always true. There are some very smart tips you should know when it comes to wedding dress shopping that you probably didn’t see in the movies. At Avanti Banquet Hall, we’ve worked with so many brides and heard so many stories that we know some of the best tips by heart, so don’t go wedding dress shopping before you read this article.

Wedding Dress Shopping - Close Up Back Of Wedding Gown With Lace

1. You Can Negotiate

Most people don’t realize this, but with some bridal shops, you can negotiate down the price when you go wedding dress shopping. How low you can actually go will depend entirely on your negotiating skills, but it is possible!

Every shop will be different, and with some, you may not be able to negotiate — but it’s still worth a shot to try. Before you do, however, it’s important that you do your research to get a good idea on the pricing of the dresses that you’re looking at. If you’re able to find competitive prices online, make sure you bring it up to the sales expert and try and bring them down in price.

2. Ask About Alterations

Alterations are one of the unexpected costs that couples don’t think to budget for when they begin their wedding planning. Make sure when you’re speaking with the salesperson that you ask about the cost of alterations. Some shops will charge a flat fee for everything that needs to be done, and others will charge for every minor change that you make.

Wedding Dress Shopping - Back Of Wedding Dress Being Altered
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3. Take The Right Undergarments

This one is incredibly important! When you’re wedding dress shopping, it’s key that you bring the proper undergarments along with you, as well as a variety of styles.

You’re going to be trying on several styles of dresses which will all fit differently. Make sure you have a strapless bra and a few varieties of underwear, as well as a pair of Spanx. Avoid colorful or patterned underwear, too — you don’t need any distractions from how your wedding dress will look.

By being prepared with the right undergarments, you’ll get a better idea of how the dress will look on the day of the wedding.

4. Research, Research, Research

This is one that you’ll probably start doing yourself, but there are some tips in here that couples don’t always recognize immediately.

Don’t rule out purchasing your dress online. This might automatically make you cringe, but consider finding a dress you love online, visiting the shop that carries it in person to make sure it fits you well, and then purchasing it online if it works on you. Chances are you might find it for cheaper online in a different state. If you do seriously consider buying it online, make sure you’re factoring in the cost of shipping in the price difference. There’s a certain point where the price difference might be negligible, and not entirely worth the hassle.

We also recommend using your online research as a negotiating tool with the salesperson at the physical shop. The more research and knowledge you know, the better chance you have of negotiating and lowering the price.

Doing research beforehand will also have you more settled with a list of styles that you’re looking for. You don’t want to go into the bridal shop without any idea of what you want. Having a good idea of what you’re looking for will help save you time.

Wedding Dress Shopping - Wedding Dresses Hanging Up On Rack

5. Be Open-Minded

Despite doing all that research and narrowing your list down to the specific styles you want, it’s very important that you are open-minded during the wedding dress shopping process.

You might think you know exactly what you want, but give the sales experts an opportunity to help you out. It is their job, after all. They might suggest that you try on a style that you would never have imagined would look good on you — only to realize that it fits and looks incredible on you. Sometimes these salespeople know exactly what they’re doing.

6. Create A Budget

Creating a budget for your wedding dress is going to save you time by helping to narrow down what you’re looking for. Make sure you’ve come up with a realistic amount, and also make sure that you’ve also allotted some of it into the alterations that were mentioned above.

And be realistic. If you can only spend $3,000 on a dress, don’t even bother looking at the $12,000 ones. It will only be a waste of your time as well as everyone else’s, and could put a downer on your whole wedding dress shopping experience. Don’t set yourself up for heartbreak.

Wedding Dress Shopping - Wedding Gowns Close Up

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